Odio la omnipresencia de Heineken

「In the movie of our lives, would Woody Allen write the screenplay? Not his best era, but certainly not his worst either. But I wouldn't like to be like Diane Keaton in Manhattan, so cerebral was she, runs away from any romance. But thought you're neurotic, and a little paranoid. It doesn't make me Annie, it doesn't make you Alvy. Woody Allen couldn't play you. I know you want him to, but he couldn't play you. If the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman was still with us, what a mastermind but surely he had trouble with us. See I wouldn't like to be like Bibi Andersson in Wild Strawberries. What a doll she is, but I'm really not that complex. And although we argue, and we have our problems. And sometimes it gets bad, it never gets Bergman bad. Max von Sydow couldn't play you. I know you'd want him to, but Max von Sydow couldn't play you.」

*Max von Sydow. Ansiktet. Ingmar Bergman, 1958.
*Woody Allen. Allo Darlin', 2010.

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  1. Inquietante pero Heineken no está tan mal con Bergman y Ansiktet. Cosas del decorado.